Our Story

Our Inspiration

One could say that this all began with a jon boat, a minnow bucket, a cooler, and four brothers engaged in casual conversation while trolling for flounder along a coastal saltwater creek.  But that would ignore the previous 40 or so years, in which their father and grandfather before him, taught the boys how to navigate the creeks, marshes, and inlets along the coast of South Carolina.  It wouldn’t tell the story of their grandmother, affectionately called Big Momma, teaching them how to catch blue crab off the dock with a fish head tied to a string.  There was midnight flounder gigging by gas lantern, a first kiss in the sand dunes, riding boogie boards with cousins, and afternoon naps in a rope hammock. 

All these things combined to create the love of a barrier island called Pawleys. And although their father’s Air Force career took the family to places like England and Germany, their hearts remained on the island where the family has had a presence for over 70 years.

As the years passed, one of the brothers, Fraser, would take up homebrewing. This craft was the only economic way to taste and enjoy many of the great beers from the West Coast and Europe that were not sold east of the Mississippi.  Unsure if he could brew the famous beers that arose from the Pacific Northwest, California, and Colorado, he was determined to try. Brewing on vacation days and by enlisting help from brothers Bill and Dan, one of his first beers was born on the steps of the small white bungalow that their grandfather had built behind the main house in the 50’s.  That beer, evolved from a love of West Coast IPAs and was appropriately named “Little House IPA”.

The little house, as it is affectionately known, has a pair of twin beds, a toilet, a small fridge, and a microwave oven. It serves as lodging when family and friends arrive at Pawleys but find themselves without a bed.  The little structure would garnish other names through the years, most notoriously “love shack”. Like the stout little bungalow built by the hands of our grandfather, providing joy to its guest and withstanding the force of several hurricanes, our beers are created by hand, with the same love of family, friends, beer, and Pawleys Island.  Like the small bungalow, our beers are brewed to endure the test of time.  Like the little house, our “Little House IPA” recipe from that original batch remains largely unchanged.

Inspired by and conceived on the South Carolina barrier island which has served as the founding family’s anchor point and source of joy for four generations, The Pawleys Island Brewing Company was established with a passion for creating tasty and enduring Beers that will  bring happiness to others for many years.